Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the 2020 Church Growth Conference in Johannesburg has been postponed till further notice.

In the meantime, you can make a difference in the lives of pastors and full time workers who are in need all around the world.

We get daily requests for help from workers without income due to the Covid-19 pandemic from India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Fiji and many more.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to assist we would be very grateful and make sure that it gets to those in need.

This is a great opportunity to make a huge difference with a relatively small donation.
May God bless you as you assist the frontline workers in the Kingdom of God during this challenging time.

Monthly Partner Donations

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Discipleship and Church Planting.

God called each one of us for a Purpose.
Ours is to see the Kingdom of God grow around the globe, both through the planting of new churches, as well as through the Discipleship Journeys system we’re using. We equip people like you to go and plant new dynamic churches. We also give you the “know-how” to successfully lead these churches to growth.

Tried and Tested
Our resources are tried and tested through some 72 nations, over the past 32 years. We dream of seeing the Church of Jesus Christ do what the early church did in their generation. We have seen churches grow to be some of the largest churches in their nations.
We have a wide variety of opportunities on offer. You can apply to join us on one of our Mission Outreach Trips as a Volunteer, or you could apply to be one of our global trainers, or you could join in one of our global Church Planting and Discipleship Training Conferences. Maybe you would love to simply serve as a Volunteer in one of the areas we need help in right now.
We are here because of God’s Grace on our lives, and because of our incredible Partners who enable us to continue, year after year, to take this message to thousands of leaders around the world. If God so lead you, please join our Partner Program. Please pray for us, with us, and if the Lord so leads you to support us in monetory way, please feel free to make such donations through our secure giving Portal. Those who know us knows that we are walking by faith, and that we are good stewards of that which He entrusts to us.
God’s Call on your life
I don’t know why you ventured onto this site, but maybe it is because God is Calling you: either into ministry, or to expand your ministry by becoming one of our training or volunteer partner. Whatever it is, make your Calling sure and fast. God needs you and desires for you to be one of His Servants to expand His Kingdom.


Our Vision is to equip the Called to plant 1’000’000 dynamic new disciple-making churches in all the Nations of the World.


We equip, Called, Church Planters globally, by providing Training Courses, which equips the Church Planters with the essentials of “How to plant a Church,” the essentials of “a Process of Discipleship,” as well as an implementation plan to launch their God-given Church Planting dream.


Our dream is to see 1000’000 churches planted by 2025. We dream of rescuing 10’000 children from the sex-trade industry, and continue to plant new churches with these young people. We dream of Discipling the Next Generation through a well researched and field-tested Process of Discipleship.

How are we going to get there?
We are trusting God for Partners!

Partnership opportunities.

I want to invite you to be part of what God is doing around the world. We have a few opportunities for you to be involved: 



We need prayer! You could pray with us. Pray for all our Pastors and workers who serve the Lord in remote and often dangerous places. Pray for us as we travel, for God’s Hand upon our lives, to keep us safe, and to continue to strengthen us to do the work He set before us to do. Without the Power of the Holy Spirit upon the trainings and on the lives of those going out to plant new churches, no lasting impact is possible. So, please keep us in your prayers.


Come along with us.

You are welcome to join us on any of our Missionary trips. You could assist with general assistance during the training program, or assist in a more practical way in one of our “Care Centers” with the Children, or with building some place of worship somewhere.


Send us

I want to invite you to be part of what God is doing around the world. We have a few opportunities for you to be involved: 


Date: 6 -12 January



Date: 6 – 9 February



Date: 17 – 23 February



Date: 25 February – 1 March



Date: 9 – 13 March

Papua New Guinea


Date: 24 – 25 March



Date: 27 – 29 March



Date: 1 – 3 April



Date: 20 – 26 April



Date: 27 April – 1 May



Date: 11 – 13 May

South Africa


Date: 15 – 17 May



Date: 18 – 22 May



Date: 26 – 28 May



Date: 23 – 28 June

USA SURGE and Bethany Conference


Date: 7 – 9 July



Date: 10 – 23 August



Date: 25 – 27 August



Date: 1 – 11 September



Date: 21 – 27 September



Date: 6 – 9 October



Date: 16 – 25 October

South Africa


Date: 2 – 15 November


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